Hi, I’m Ale. I’m hoping to be founder of my own magazine eventually, but everybody starts somewhere, right?

[Source: http://reddit.com/r/reactiongifs/comments/2wovpr/mrw_im_watching_danger_5_on_netflix_and_notice/]

My goal is to include everyone in my rants. I know what you’re thinking, rants? and inclusiveness? And you’re right it seems somewhat contradictory, however this is just a medium for me, and anyone who’d like to, share uncommon opinions about the mainstream. But that’s not all! Along the way, I’d like to integrate other segments, such as:

  • unpopular news
  • inclusive fashion and styling for all
  • a monthly poll
  • music releases (including musicals)
  • international culinary
  • interior design (home decor)
  • gallery of independent artists on social media
  • otaku avenue (anime and manga reviews)
  • advice column
  • exploiting trends
  • conspiracies


I hope to hear from you! Feel free to join the conversation.


{Featured Image: Ian MacKenzie “Magazine Stack” CC Licensed.}

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