Memoirs of a pair of hurricanes

  NOTE: For some reason, after uploading this, it suddenly transfer itself to my drafts. [Featured Image: Okay so let's get one thing straight, right off the bat. This is not by all means a sob story, for me and my family had very little adversity throughout the storms. So, let me tell you … Continue reading Memoirs of a pair of hurricanes

Trying out Diigo

[Featured Image:] What's diigo? Well, according to my good friend Google, it's a website or extension used for capturing,archiving, bookmarking and highlighting on the web.   So let's try it out, shall we? I'll be doing as instructed by the professor and looking up articles on these 4 topics: Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, The Internet … Continue reading Trying out Diigo

How to properly reference your research

[Featured Image:] In class we learned about the CRAAP protocol for referencing, and I know what you're thinking. Not only is referencing boring, it sounds like a load of crap. *Badum tss* What's CRAAP? Currency Relevance Authority Accuracy Purpose When doing your research, on whatever topic, it is necessary to reference what you search. To … Continue reading How to properly reference your research